Welcome To Aappen Technologies

Aappen Technologies is promoted by people who have more than 25 years’ experience in diversified fields like Financial Consultancy, Broad Band Networking, Security Electronics and Software Development.

 We at Aappen believe that Mobile technology is a fast growing field because of ease of handling and high penetration. We believe that mobile devices would be  the most favoured front end device be it for taking orders in Restaurants/Bars , Shopping , Payments , Browsing for Information, Social Networking or Messaging. 

Aappen Technologies, a start-up, has been promoted specifically for development software and integration technology not only for developing mobile applications but also for developing hybrid applications where mobile devices would act as front end and the back end process are handled by regular computers.

At Aappen we propose to develop our own products in addition to developing applications for third party. For more details about what we do please click here.