Aappen Technologies is currently developing two major products: 

  • MPos- This is a Hybrid Application using the power of computers and ease of usage of mobile devices to give a solution which has the power to work as a POS solution from a MOM and POP store to a Multi-location Chain of Stores with ease of controlling form regional or head offices. For more details click here.

  • Buddies – a social application for use by friends (Buddies) with special focus on Social Organisation Members. We are providing a platform for social organisations like Clubs, Social Groups, NGO’s, etc. free of cost. The organisations can send messages both in text and graphic mode to their members by making use of Buddies. They would also be able to hold poll among their members and get a feedback. The members would be able to know the latest updates, know their account balances, Make payment or contribute through the Buddies App. We are also coming up with various schemes and offers which the Buddies can enjoy. For More details click here.